Still Report #676 – Fox Drops Rubio

from Bill Still

Well, it’s official. According to Breitbart quoting New York Magazine, Fox chief Roger Ailes has spoken:
“We’re finished with Rubio. We can’t do the Rubio thing anymore.”
According to three Fox sources, Ailes has lost confidence in Rubio’s ability to win.
Rubio of late has attempted to out Trump Donald Trump in bombast. Well Rubio trying to imitate Trump came off looking like a 10th grader trying to impress the 8th grade girls in the class. Talk about a sub-presidential performance!
So soon after the Florida primary on March 15th, Little Marco will start to shrivel up – never to win elective office again.
Then we still have to contend with Mr.-I’m-not-even-qualified-to-hold-the-o­ffice-I-currently-occupy-for-the-great-s­tate-of-Texas – Ted Cruz. But, as you’ll see tomorrow morning in my next report, his numbers are looking pretty weak – even with Little Marco out of the race.
But guess what, Cruz already has a backup plan – he’s already said that he would quit the race if Trump would promise him a seat on the Supreme Court. Now there’s your Trusted candidate.
In any case back to Ailes and Fox. Last night I noticed that Miss Megan during Fox’s election coverage had already started to lighten her tone toward the Trumpet. And I mean that literally. The Trumpet – as in that which brought down the walls of Jerico about 3500 years ago.
But there’s another reason – the main reason – that Ailes is abandoning Rubio. It’s in Still Report #660 – “FoxNews Colluded with Rubio to Soften O’Reilly”. It concerns a New York Times article of Feb. 27 – last Saturday – that exposed that Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch colluded with Marco Rubio and Chuck Schumer in 2013 at a secret dinner meeting at Fox News headquarters in New York. They agreed that Fox News would soft-pedal criticism of Rubio’s Gang of 8 Amnesty bill to give it a chance to pass Congress.
As one long-time associate of Ailes put it:
“Roger hates seeing his name in print. He was appalled the dinner was reported.”
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.