Still Report #674 – Cruz Texas Win Not So Good

from Bill Still

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Ted Cruz’s big victory in Texas last night was actually a terrible showing by Republican “favorite son” standards. In fact it the worst showing by a Republican candidate in his home state since 1913.
Yesterday, Cruz won 43.7% of the vote, beating out Trump by 17 points. However, Republicans over years have shown fierce loyalty to home state
candidates, on average giving them over the last 100 years 78.5% of the vote.
According to Eric J. Ostermeier, writing in the Smart Politics blog from the Univ. of Minnesota’s School of Public Affairs, Cruz’s victory:
“…avoided an embarrassment that might have pressured him to withdraw after Super Tuesday. While Cruz escaped that unenviable situation, his victory in Texas is decidedly shy of impressive.”
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.