Still Report #671 – Why “Peaceful Muslims” are Irrelevant!

from Bill Still

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But first a quick election update.
As upsetting as this news is, there are reports of voter fraud in Austin, Texas – the left-wing stronghold in Texas.
KLBJ radio in Austin is being flooded with calls that their Trump vote is being changed to Rubio. One individual stated that FOUR attempts to vote Trump were changed to Rubio.
Ok, more on the election later. Now, back to the foundation of why America is so upset this year after 8 years of Obama.
What this channel is all about is to give you short, to-the-point vids that you can pass around to your friends to help them make their arguments for our team more persuasive.
I haven’t really had a good rejoinder to the “peaceful muslim” argument for Obama’s secret Syrian muslim immigration program which is going on full steam RIGHT NOW and no one in the press is talking about.
Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT! For America, was on a panel at a Heritage Foundation event when a hapless Muslim American University law student started spouting her politically-correct most- Muslims-are-peaceful rap.
It was like throwing a burning highway flare into a pool of gasoline. – Even Frank Gaffney, an ardent and outspoken opponent of the Islamic invasion, sitting on screen right, just sits back and enjoys the fireworks.
This gave me the perfect 30 second elevator pitch to counter the “peaceful” Muslim argument.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.