Remember ‘The Greening of America’?

by Hugo Salinas Price

The United States took over five empires in the course of World War II: The British, French and Dutch empires, and the empires of Germany and Japan.

In 1944, when American victory was plainly in sight in that war, the US called its allies and friendly nations to an International Conference to be held at Bretton Woods, NH, where the US would in effect dictate the characteristics of the world’s new monetary order.

The new monetary order would be based on gold as the international money, supplemented by the American Dollar, which was to be considered as good as gold, given the large gold reserves held by the US.

Swollen with pride at the new and unquestionable pre-eminence of the US as the world’s super-power, the American Deep State was unable and unwilling to consider the future pernicious consequences of the new monetary order it had installed upon the world.

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