Political Developments: Rubio, Romney and Trump

by Karl Denninger

First up, there are rumors flying around that Rubio is screwed; donors apparently are pulling the checkbook, headed over to Cruz. If true to any degree, he’s cooked. Good.

Second is Romney calling Trump “a phony, a fraud, and that voters are ‘suckers’.”

Uh huh.

Folks, read this Ticker again carefully — Mitt Romney’s crowning “achievement” as governor was enhancing the scams in the medical system that Trump has promised to put a stop to, and as President Trump can do so under existing law using nothing more than 15 USC.

Romney screwed an entire state’s population as Governor and intended to continue that buttrape by making sure the expansion of his policy in national form, Obamacare, continued to be enforced through the entire country.

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