Parabolic Monetary Madness – The Final Nail in Europe’s Coffin

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

It’s still Wednesday evening, but I’m confident enough in what will happen tomorrow to not only start writing before tomorrow morning’s ECB’s policy decision, but create a hyperbolic title. After all, if the past two weeks’ manic market manipulation – in today’s instance, featuring every imaginable “DLITG,” or don’t let it turn green, algorithm in Precious Metals; and “DLITR,” or don’t let it turn red, in the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average – can’t convince you that “something’s afoot,” I don’t know what will. In the latter case, the “smart money” has been selling for six straight weeks – which begs the question, who has been buying? I’ll give you a hint…the same who that is naked shorting “selling” gold and silver.

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