Are YOU The Next George Zimmerman or Darren Wilson?

from Stefan Molyneux


Question: “Last night I was the victim of an attempted burglary home invasion. Your analysis of my thought process during and after the event would be much appreciated. I am trying to determine why my focus and thinking during this high stress encounter was not in regard to my safety or my property, but rather my potential incarceration and loss of rights.”

“My thoughts raced around being arrested, being stripped of my ‘rights’, being called a racist (god-forbid the perp had slightly darker skin than I), trial by media, being incarcerated indefinitely, or some politician using my flight as an evil tool. Why is my reaction to a potential life threatening home invasion completely political? Have I become programmed? While I should have been thinking about exits, number of assailants, the wrought the perp was taking, I was thinking about corrupt politicians and the propaganda machine. Why do disgusting political possibilities trump the potential for loss of life in the mind of me, the victim?”

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