New Zealand Looks to Join Canada as Newest Country to Give Money Directly to the People

by Kenneth Schortgen
Rogue Money

Over the past four months, several Western nations have toyed with the idea of giving monthly stipends directly to their peoples whether they were working or not. And primarily, these ‘helicopter money’ programs were being formulated in energy based countries where the lower prices have nearly devastated their economies.

Going back to December, when Finland began proposing an 800 euro monthly payment to every citizen, and forward to earlier this month where the province of Ontario, Canada is in serious discussion to give out their own flat-rate stipend to their citizens, the trend of ultimate quantitative easing is now not simply a fringe desperate measure for governments and central banks, but it is becoming the next step in the Keynesian model for supporting an economy.

Which now leads us to the next sovereign state ready to lift off direct payments to their people, and it is way down under in the nation of New Zealand.

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