It’s a Data Week

by Chuck Butler
Daily Pfennig

Good Day… And a Marvelous Monday to you! Well, I’m not hazed out this morning, so that’s a good thing! Easter here in S. Florida was a beautiful day, that I got to spend at the ballpark with Alex and Jerry. My normal seats are in the shade behind home plate, but for this game we “had to” sit in the sun, which was quite hot yesterday… Cat Stevens greets me this morning with his song: Father & Son… It’s a song about a father giving his son advice, and the son crying out that no one listens to him… Kind of funny that years after retiring from the music business, and changing his name, Cat Stevens’ son was the catalyst to getting him to begin playing music again.. In the early 70’s you were very cool unless you had a Cat Stevens 8-track or album..

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