Is the Gold/Silver Ratio “Saying” Something?

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

How egregious is the gold Cartel getting, in its final “death throe” stage? Well, here’s the chart I posted yesterday, of the essentially “sixth sigma” similarity between “trading” Sunday and Monday night, as well as Monday and Tuesday morning. Everyone could tell this paper market was rigged with identical algorithms.

Well, it was no different Tuesday afternoon and evening – with PMs again capped and/or attacked at the historical “key attack times” of 10:00 AM EST, 2:00 PM EST, and 2:00 PM; and for the third straight day, with the time and trued “8:00 PM EST algorithm.” In fact, when I looked at Zero Hedge to see if any actual news had emerged to explain the 8:00 PM raid, the top story was…drum roll please…“GLD ETF holdings rise for record 40th straight day!” I.e., the massive institutional demand surge I have been pounding the table about this past month. Which, I might add, drove the PSLV closed-end silver fund to close at a whopping 5% premium to net asset value yesterday. In fact, yesterday’s horrifically blatant suppression was as bad as I’ve ever seen it; as from the second I awoke, throughout the course of the day, the reasons to own PMs – from falling oil and stock prices; to China’s unfathomable plunge in February exports; Japanese 30-year bond yields closing in on negative territory; and the aforementioned surge in institutional buying, was as powerful as ever. And yet, PMs were mercilessly attacked from the second the New York “pre-market” opened, to the second the NYSE closed!

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