Hulk Hogan Legdrops Gawker: Gets $115 Million Verdict in Sex Tape Trial

from Stefan Molyneux


The Hulk Hogan v. Gawker trial was a battle between the First Amendment, guaranteeing free speech and a free press, and the Fourteenth Amendment, regarding the Real American right to privacy and simple common decency. Brother.

Nearly a decade ago, Hogan was secretly filmed having sex with Heather Clem, the wife of his friend Bubba the Love Sponge. Gawker later received the video from an anonymous source and completed their heel turn by publishing an excerpt without permission. The story was titled: “Even for a Minute, Watching Hulk Hogan Have Sex in a Canopy Bed is Not Safe For Work but Watch it Anyway.”

The former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) champion filed a lawsuit against Gawker asking for $100 million dollars in damages – prompting the media company to say their prayers and consume copious amounts of vitamins.

The jury’s verdict came crashing down and hurt inside – finding in favor of Hogan and awarding him $115 million compensatory damages: $55 million for economic harm and $60 million for emotional distress.

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