Guest Post: “The Veneer of Justice In A Kingdom of Crime”, by John Titus

by Turd Ferguson
TF Metals Report

Late last week, our friend John Titus released his latest insightful video. This instant classic is not only a must watch, it’s also a “must forward” to all of your friends and acquaintances. Rather than simply post the video by itself, we instead decided to reach out to John to give him the platform to personally introduce the video and give it the attention it deserves.

So, please be sure to listen to the audio interview first. You’ll hear John explain his motives and rationale for producing the video, what conclusions he’s drawn from the process as well as his “predictions” for future inaction from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Again, please be sure to ge the video’s direct link from YouTube and then forward the link to your family and friends. Only by opening the eyes of the unaware can we ever hope to effect any change.

Click Here to Listen to the Audio

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