Guest Contributions

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Dear Readers:

The purpose of guest contributions is to offer you different views on events from those presented to you by presstitutes and governments pursuing secret agendas. For example, when I post speeches by Vladimir Putin, I am letting the Russian President speak for himself in place of being spoken for by presstitutes determined to demonize him.

I do not post guest contributions as endorsements. I do not necessarily agree with everything in guest contributions. It is possible for people to have many details wrong and still arrive at a plausible or correct conclusion. For example, it is my opinion that Professor Jim Fetzer is correct that the official 9/11 story is false and the three WTC buildings did not come down due to airplanes and fire. However, I do not believe that the evidence produced by scientists supports his view that the buildings were destroyed by directed energy weapons or mini-nukes.

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