To The GOP (And Tinfoil Hatters)

by Karl Denninger

This weekend brought us the “feature” of Mitt Romney refusing to disavow an attempt to “draft” him in the Republican convention should it occur, despite the fact that he would not have received one vote in a Primary or Caucus.

There was also the outrageous gang-bang played on Trump in the latest “debate” which featured the moderators using media clips from Romney — not the other candidates, the moderators.

Let me point something out for the Republican establishment that may not have sunk in yet, but it had damn well better, and soon: Yes, this is a revolt — it’s a revolt by the citizens against you. We’re revolting because we’re tired of your lies, Lyin’ Ryan’s sequential budgetary lies that have zero chance of actually occurring yet are sequentially presented to us as if they’re real, claims of being “against” Obamacare and myriad other policies yet CR after CR is passed that funds the operation of departments the Republican Party claims to be against and silent acquiescence on dozens of other issues despite the fact that Constitutionally all spending must originate in The House, and therefore any program that the Majority of The House refuses to fund cannot exist!

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