Gold Running Out & EuroZone Breakup | Alasdair MacLeod

from Reluctant Preppers

• What is about to happen to the supply and price of physical gold in the end-game of record global demand and dwindling liquidity?

• Where should you store your physical gold and why?

• What’s the looming fate of the Eurozone, why are the risks of breakup being under-reported, and what can the average person do to prepare?

Head of Research at, Alasdair Macleod returns to Reluctant Preppers to spell out from an international perspective what’s really going on with: global and regional demand for physical gold, bullion inventory, liquidity and price.

Macleod then weighs in on responsible storage options for precious metals and the major trade-offs you need to consider.

Finally, Macleod exposes the looming breakup of the EuroZone and what it means to you. You’ll be glad you acquired this European insight? on the global gold market now!

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