How to Fish & Which Fish to Toss: Picking Mining Stocks

from Kitco NEWS

Brent Cook’s right-hand man, Joe Mazumdar, joins Kitco News at the world’s largest mining convention to share his insights on how to best pick a mining company in the current environment. An analyst of Exploration Insights, Mazumdar works closely with Cook to find the best opportunities in the mining sector for investors. ‘It’s a very good industry with very good people,’ he told Daniela Cambone. ‘I think the first thing you want to do is always look at the people and finding out what their objectives are. They are the most important part.’ According to Mazumdar, the sector has had its fair share of issues and still has more work, but seems to be turning the corner. ‘Growth for growth sake is not the philosophy,’ he said. ‘Now it’s really about making money.’