Eva Rosenberg – The TaxMama Gets People Out of Tax Jams

from Financial Survival Network

Eva Rosenberg is the TaxMama. Over 30 years ago she started a temporary gig working with people on their tax woes. Soon thereafter, it became a passion and a career. She started a site to help you avoid ever having to get into trouble with the IRS. During her decades of tax experience she has done a lot of tax trouble-shooting, helping people fix bad audits or reduce enormous tax debts, or to get IRS levies removed from wages and bank accounts. In most of the cases the problems could have been avoided fairly easily, but through inaction, stinginess, fear, or sheer cussedness, people got themselves into such big trouble – the stuff of nightmares. Don’t let it happen to YOU. So, please, before making any major financial decisions, please sit down with your own tax professional. If you don’t have one, or would rather not do that – then come to us. We’ll do our best to give you our wisdom. We’ll give you legal strategies and tips. We’ll show you where to look or how to research your situation.

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