Economic Collapse: This Growing Trend Should Terrify Every American

by Robert Appel
Profit Confidential

Cash Could Be Victim of Economic Collapse

Is it possible to be in a war, to be moving towards economic collapse, and not know it? Yes, it is. In the last few years, a clandestine war has been waged behind the scenes between the governments of the Western world and a tiny handful of consumer and libertarian groups. The governments want to ban cash. Not to simply reduce its importance. Not to just minimize its use. To outlaw it completely.

Proponents of banning cash tell us that this will be the ultimate convenience. No more of those pesky pieces of paper to carry around. No more worrying about losing cash or having it taken from you. Forget about counterfeit bills. They’re no longer an issue. No more having to rescue cash from your pants before doing a wash. The list, arguably, is endless. Trivial, perhaps, but endless.

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