Dr. Chris Martenson & Chris Waltzek on GoldSeek Radio – March 10, 2015

by Chris Waltzek
GoldSeek Radio

Chris welcomes Dr. Martenson from PeakProsperity.com – the co-author of Prosper! is watching the crude oil market for signs of a double bottom pattern despite record domestic supply. In addition, gold is higher by about 15% so far this year and remains strong, rebounding sharply from oversold conditions. Gold fundamentals continue to impress – last week, Blackrock halted issuance of new gold ETF iShares $7.7 billion, due in part to insatiable demand. His work shows that gold is best positioned to benefit from a major paper money zenith – global monetary policies virtually guarantee success. The domestic economy is weak, built on flimsy monetary policy and enormous corporate debt. In addition, the huge P/E’s ratios and sluggish growth increases the odds of a serious US equities decline. In their ongoing discussion on homesteading and self-sufficiency, Chris asks Dr. Martenson to outline his self-sustaining, solar water-heater that pays remarkable dividends in the form of energy savings family as well as benefits society with a lowered carbon footprint.

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