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“Doctors On Demand: Would You Use an Uber for Doctors?” presented by Learn Liberty. What if seeing a doctor could be easy as getting an Uber? Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center Adam Thierer looks at one of the newest innovations on the free-market frontier of health care. Doctors are making real house calls arranged by new smartphone apps. Would you use an app like this to see a doctor in your own home? Should an “Uber for Doctors” app be regulated by the government? Learn More:

Get the book by Adam Thierer and the Mercatus Center at George Mason University: Permissionless Innovation — The Continuing Case for Comprehensive Technological Freedom.

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“Uber, Airbnb, & Feastly vs Government Regulation” (video): Professor Chris Koopman explains how the sharing economy connects people to provide services and solve problems.

Permissionless Innovation (book): Adam Thierer explains how if the “precautionary principle” (the idea that innovators should be forced to seek the approval of public officials) trumps “permissionless innovation” (the concept that innovators should generally be free to experiment with new technologies and business models) the result will be fewer services, lower-quality goods, higher prices, diminished economic growth, and a decline in the overall standard of living.

America’s Health Care System (online program): In this Learn Liberty On Demand program, distinguished scholars break down the problems with America’s health care system, look at what has caused these problems, and propose what we can do to produce better health for more people at lower cost, year after year.

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