This is Cruz’s Father Telling You All You Need To Know

by Karl Denninger

This is what you’re voting for if you vote for Ted Cruz.

This is the sort of crazy you’re voting to put in the White House. I will remind you that there is little — or no — difference between this and the Mullahs in Iran today, the historical theocracies that burned women at the stake, and, if we allow it, that very same evil will be ensconced in our government.

If you’re arrogant enough to believe that you have your finger on the pulse of God, and can anoint individuals as these people do — and I remind you that this is Cruz himself and his father, not some random kookyou are inviting that arrogance and evil, the very work of Satan, into the highest office of our land.

Humans, standing at the pulpit and arguing that we can anoint humans to take dominion in all areas — economics, people, politics.

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