Has the Biggest of All Bubbles Popped: Central Bank Omnipotence?

by Mark St.Cyr
Mark St.Cyr

Since the initial turmoil began with the onset of what is now referred to as “The great financial crisis.” One strategy has proven more profitable than any other. That strategy? BTFD (buy the f___n’ dip.)

Regardless of what proprietary advice (short of insider trading,) nothing, as well as, nobody has had a track record worthy of comparison. All one has needed to do is, whenever a selloff occurred (as rare as they had been,) when “the dip” presented itself, the only thing to do was to “buy, buy, buy!”

Forget 2/20 management. Forget stock picking. Forget listening to experts, economists, fund managers, et al. You would beat them all over the last 6+ years if you just BTFD, then bought some more. It had been that easy. However, if it was that easy – why didn’t everyone “just do it?” Easy…

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