Which “Big Three” PPT Will Fail First – Oil, Gold, or Stocks?

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

Words have not yet been invented to describe the lunacy of the terminal phase of the collapse of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme, on nearly all fronts. However, all such factors combined don’t compare to the other worldliness of watching everything from currencies, to financial markets, to economic data and “spin” manipulated so blatantly, and so egregiously, that even a reasonably intelligent second grader couldn’t rather easily pick up on it. I mean, just how much more ludicrous can it get than yesterday’s “March-opening” PPT rally, in which head MSM lackey Reuters published an article claiming “Wall Street gains as weak data spurs stimulus hopes” – only to change the article’s title a mere two hours later, to “Wall Street surges as data points to economic recovery?”

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