Beware of Vulture Investors Says Randy Smallwood | Kitco News @ PDAC 2016

from Kitco NEWS

After making streaming deals worth $1.4 billion in 2015, Silver Wheaton CEO Randy Smallwood joins Kitco News to talk about plans for the year and how he sees the metals industry set up. Talking to Daniela Cambone at the PDAC convention in Toronto, Smallwood said gold prices are dependant on the U.S. dollar right now. ‘I think it’s more a weakness in the U.S. dollar that we’re seeing,’ he said. ‘I think what we’re starting to see is the collapse of the last reserve currency out there.’ That, in his opinion, will help push gold prices higher. ‘Weakness in the U.S. dollar is going to start giving value to the real assets out there, and both gold and silver are great hard assets to own.’ Smallwood also gives an update on the company’s issues with the Canadian Revenue Agency and says he remains confident it should be resolved soon.