Autopsy of the Middle Class? Fight Back! | Wayne Allyn Root

from Reluctant Preppers

What’s really happening to the middle class: careers and employment, liberty and privacy, health and well-being, opportunity to thrive and upward mobility? Two-years after appearing on ReluctantPreppers to unveil his best-selling book “Murder of the Middle Class”, 2008 US Vice Presidential Libertarian candidate, serial entrepreneur and author Wayne Allyn Root returns to deliver a scathing critique of Obama’s economy and the state of the real family. With rapid-fire facts and blistering stats, Root exposes the true antagonism of the government of both major parties against self-reliant individuals & families.
An energized optimist, Root, whose latest book, “The Power of Relentless” just made the New York Times best seller list, spells out in crystal clear terms what serious citizens can and must do now to protect our families and secure our future.

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