Admiral Sprott Rides Again!

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

It’s early Monday morning, and I have LOTS to speak about. However, I could not forsake my spiritual side if I ignored yesterday’s passing of Pat Conroy – in my view, one of America’s greatest writers. An “army brat” that wound up in South Carolina at age 16, and never left until passing at 70, his brand of colorful, imaginative, and horrifyingly truth-inspired novels are amongst the most impactful I’ve read – from the Great Santini; to the Lords of Discipline; the Prince of Tides; and perhaps his best, Beach Music; Pat Conroy unquestionably shaped a small part of what I am. In South Carolina, Pat Conroy is as iconic and beloved as Stephen King in Maine, Bob Marley in Jamaica; and heck, John Elway here in Denver. May god bless Pat Conroy’s soul, for providing such happiness and introspection to so many millions, the world round.

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