A Nationwide “Safety” Inspection Mandate?

by Eric Peters
Eric Peters Autos

One of the most obnoxious trends lately is the leveraging of government force to pad the pockets of private businesses.

Obamacare is perhaps the most grotesque example (pssst... you don’t get “free” or even “reduced cost” medical care; you are forced to buy an insurance policy, and that is something quite different) but it’s becoming SOP – standard operating procedure – in terminal stage America.

Here’s another example: The Automotive Service Association – which is the lobby for repair shops (yes, they have a lobby, too) is pushing with all its might for a nationwide car “safety inspection” mandate (see here).

At the moment, a majority of states have done away with these – or never had them. Only 11 states currently have a mandatory (annual or semi-annual) inspection requirement.

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