Still Report #693 – Campaign Carl – Cruz Ineligible

from Bill Still

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Good afternoon. I’m still reporting on politics.
About two years ago, “Campaign Carl” Cameron was doing a live standup for Fox inside the north gate of the White House, where all the major network correspondents do it.
He was talking about the new freshman Senator, Ted Cruz, and how although he was making a mark on Congress, he was not eligible to run for President.
“Rubio is not the GOP’s only up-and-commer.”
“Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s feisty Senate debut had some tea-partyiers noting that in 2016, he’d have as much Senate experience as President Obama did when he first ran. But Cruz was born in Canada And is Constitutionally ineligible.”
Look, the establishment Republicans are insane to support Cruz over Trump. The chances of Hillary bringing this issue up is zero % before the Republican convention, and absolutely 100% the day after.
Even if this weren’t true, Cruz will be minimized as a far right wing radical who no one in the Senate likes.
Independents will stay home.
Trump will pull in the majority of independents and a significant percentage of mainline Democrats worried about Hillary’s eligibility.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day