The G-20s Big Fat Zero – Now Comes The Bubble’s Demise!

by David Stockman
David Stockman’s Contra Corner

The tens of millions of taxpayer money wasted at the G-20’s Shanghai soirée had a silver lining. The assembled masters of world finance came up with a big fat zero on the coordinated global stimulus front.

So doing, they essentially admitted that their money printing central banks are out of dry powder (“…but monetary policy alone cannot lead to balanced growth”) and that they are divided and confused on the fiscal front.

Indeed, the best result of the weekend is that the gaggle of G-20 statists acquiesced to Germany’s absolute “nein” on the foolish notion that a world self-evidently drowning in debt can still borrow its way back to prosperity. With respect to that ragged Keynesian shibboleth, Germany’s intrepid finance minister left nothing to the imagination:

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