Another Successful Mike Student!

from Mike Gazzola’s Instant Equity: A Proven Real Estate Investment System

Matthew took Mike’s training 4 years ago. His first time out of the gate he purchased a lot in Southwest Florida for $5700. He hasn’t sold it yet, but has received numerous offers, the highest being $15,000. For now Matt is holding on to it and may some day build a rental home there. But then again, if the price is right he’ll sell it and reinvest the proceeds. Recently, Matt bought a house at a tax deed sale for just $14,000. He put $15,000 into it and has just rented it out to an excellent quality tenant for $800 per month. He handled everything remotely, just like Mike teaches, and is now sitting back enjoying an 18.25% cash-on-cash return. Not bad for someone who knew almost nothing about real estate before he met Mike.

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