Triple Lutz Report #391 – Escaping Burglar Killed By Gator In FL

from Financial Survival Network

A not so bright burglar was attempting to escape his police pursuers and had the great idea of hiding in a pond. Every Florida Resident knows that any dark pool of water could easily be harboring an alligator. But the burglar’s desire to escape the law over road his survival instincts. Not too bright. Bitcoin breaks $400 mark again. Idiot New York City Council wants bikers to be able to legally run lights. New trend in medicine, the self-pay or direct-pay patient. Doctors fed up with insurance companies and government red tape. Goodbye health insurance. An initiative in Cali to for legislators to wear the logos of their ten largest contributors, the same way NASCAR Drives do. Surprise there’s still 19% of the population that trusts the government. How come so many?

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