Thomas Conway – Getting Ready to Cash in on Industrial Minerals

from Financial Survival Network

Thomas Conway is one of the most experienced mining executives in the resource business. For years, he helped Newmont Mining develop and operate some of their most profitable mines, overseeing 1,600 employees in the process.

He’s now gone on to head up I-Minerals, a near-term cash flow operator that will sell minerals used for nearly everything you can see and touch, from your iPhone to the inside of your vehicle. His company and story is quite intriguing, as they will sell their production directly to end-use producers, which is much different from the more popular minerals, like copper and silver, where producers are essentially shackled with the spot price of those metals.

Peter Schiff’s Euro Pacific Capital Research just put a 70-cent price target on Thomas Conway’s company, I-Minerals (TSXV: IMA & US: IMAHF), which currently trades for 32 cents Canadian.

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