Mike’s Best Deal Ever: Turning a $2000 Purchase Into a $49,999 Sale (Episode #5)

from Mike Gazzola’s Instant Equity: A Proven Real Estate Investment System

Mike Gazzola, master real estate investor tells the story of how he bought a property for just $2000, put $8000 into it, and then proceeded to sell for a whopping $49,999, realizing a profit of $39,999, all in a very short period of time. How did he do it? The sellers had inherited a property in serious disrepair. The city was hounding them to cure numerous code violations and the the involuntary owners couldn’t wait to dump it as quickly as possible. Upon seeing Mikes ad in a local newspaper, they quickly realized that he was their best out, even at $2000 and sold it to him. It was all done in a matter of days, without lawyers, title companies or realtors. Then Mike sent in the renovation team and for a relatively small investment, he was able to cure the violations and make the property saleable. Mike shows you how to turn other people’s problems into your opportunity to profit.

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