Mike Gazzola – Wealthy Real Estate Investor (Episode #1)

from Mike Gazzola’s Instant Equity: A Proven Real Estate Investment System

Mike Gazzola was sitting in his office in San Jose, CA twelve years ago pulling down a nice 6 figure income. He was cruising around eBay when he came made a discovery that would forever change his life. He found a $25,000 property that was generating $1,000 per month in rental income. The only problem was that it was located in Buffalo, New York. Mike picked up the phone and called the owner to make sure it was for real. He bought that property and proceeded to sell it for nearly double in less than one week. He was hooked. He called the seller back to see if he had anything else to sell. The owner said, “Sure, I’ve got lots, come check it out.”

Later that week, Mike found himself on a redeye to the city of Buffalo (New York’s second largest). He purchased 3 more properties and headed back to San Jose. Within a week, he had sold those properties for a near 100 percent profit. He called the seller back and suggested a partnership. The seller was hesitant, believing that Mike brought little to the table, until Mike explained that he had doubled his investment in a matter of days. Agreeing that Mike did indeed have something to offer, the seller agreed to a partnership, on the condition that Mike abandon his lifestyle in San Jose and move out to the frozen tundra of Buffalo.

As Mike considered the decision, his friends and relatives thought he had given leave of his senses. He was giving up 300 days of sunshine for 100 inches of snow. But as usual, Mike proved the naysayers wrong. He became generated millions of dollars in a very poor city. Upon achieving his success, two years later he moved to Southern California and built his dream house and started a family. But his success didn’t stop there. He went on to purchase and flip hundreds of properties around the country generating several millions more in the process.

Today he teaches you what has taken him over a decade to learn. You’ll enjoy learning Real Estate Investing That Works!

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