Jeremy Greenfield – Time to Get a High Credit Score

from Financial Survival Network

Jeremy Greenfield is Contributors Editor at The Street. Prior to The Street, Greenfield was at Digital Book World where he spent three years as Editorial Director. There, he developed the editorial strategy while drastically increasing both traffic and revenue. Previously, he was Content Leader at FINS, a Wall Street Journal careers site, where he conceived of one weekly and three daily newsletters while managing daily flow of content assigning, editing and reporting stories. Prior to FINS, Greenfield reported on the advertising and media industries at Media Industry Newsletter and other outlets. Greenfield holds a B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania.

In this interview, Jeremy successfully de-mystifies the elusive high credit score and his story has taken over the lead here at TheStreet. It’s easier to raise your credit score than you think. First get a copy from one of the three bureaus. Then start analyzing your balances and then listen to this show.

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