Beate Chelette – Happy Woman, Happy World?

from Financial Survival Network

The Originator and Creator of The Women’s Code and Nationally Known Gender Decoder Beate Chelette (herself a survivor of a decade of bad luck) can elaborate on this developing story and how it relates to her continued battle to keep women in power on the front line.

Meet Beate Chelette:

* Respected Speaker, Coach, and Successful Entrepreneur
* German Immigrant
* Start-Up Business Specialist
* Single Mom
* Social Media Expert
* Creator and Owner of The Women’s Code® and ego-RHYTHM®
* Worked as a Photo Editor for Elle Magazine
* Owner, President, and CEO of Beate Works for 13 years until she sold it to Bill Gates
* Senior Director of Photography Entertainment for Corbis, one of the world’s largest providers of images
* Author of Happy Woman Happy World

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