Andrew Hoffman – The The Amtrak Economy

from Financial Survival Network

Andrew Hoffman is back on the program. Get the details on:

  • Fed minutes today!
  • Have to be more dovish, as Yellen Reversal approaches
  • Commodities crashing anew (base metals down 10% in last two days)
  • CRB index approaching March 2015 (and late 2008) lows, even with oil up $16!
  • Oil falling
  • Dollar surging (commodities plunging)
  • ECB essentially increased QE yesterday, and PBOC started theirs
  • Horrible economic data, starting with 1Q GDP and now 2Q looking horrible (and way above “consensus”)
  • Need to give “guidance” for June meeting, with all these horrible factors occurring
  • Not to mention, the continued “tectonic market shifts” – as rates continue to rise, and it appears, as I suggested, to be due to Chinese Treasury selling (very ominous)
  • Grexit potentially by early June, as extention (and cash) run out

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