Dr. James Hubbard – Vaccine Critics are Dead Wrong

from Financial Survival Network

According to the Survival Doctor James Hubbard, the vaccine critics are all wet. The science behind vaccines is well established and beyond repute. Before the measels vaccine, approximately 1000 Americans per year died of this illness. Once vaccination became near universal that number went down to zero. In addition, Dr. Hubbard says the fears of adjutants and preservatives used to store and suspend the vaccine agents have been completely disproven and have only been kept alive due to the power of the Internet. But you need to be the judge.

We also discussed how one needs to react to life threatening situations. Because the average person has not received medical training and is not prepared for such events, the odds are panic will set in when confronted with these situations. The key is preparation. Only by preparing can we expect to avoid the onset of panic to stressful, traumatic situations.

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