Andrew Hoffman – Greece

from Financial Survival Network

Whatever it Takes Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman! Listen to Andy discuss:

  • Greece!
  • Central banking gone mad
  • U.S. economic data plunge
  • Housing starts, refi activity, retail sales, industrial production, consumer confidence, jobless claims
  • Today biggest ever PPI drop for January – but BLS says largest real wages increase in years
  • Oil, and rig counts
  • Record low Baltic Dry Index
  • Record high oil inventories
  • Record Chinese gold imports
  • 2/28 India will probably repeal PM import tariffs
  • Miner armageddon thus far
  • FOMC minutes today
  • Fed’s gambit of goosing 10-year backfiring
  • Now in oil manipulation (supporting) business now, too – will FAIL

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