Andrew Hoffman – What’s Next For 2015

from Financial Survival Network

Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

Andy’s 2015 predictions, and how they relate to the current markets…

1. Retail Armageddon –
2. Return of the PIIGS –
3. First signs of Yen Hyperinflation –
4. Oil collapse contagion –
5. Mining industry paralysis
6. Falling commodity prices –
7. Collapsing currencies –
8. Revenge of the people.
9. The Re-emergence of Real Money

Plus, this morning’s utter collapse of interest rates and oil – and what it means regarding the coming “Yellen Reversal.”

And oh yeah, gold and silver surging – particularly in Europe and Switzerland where gold jumped above 1,000/oz and 1,200/oz respectively, this morning.

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