Don Mazzella – The End of the Cuba Embargo and More

from Financial Survival Network

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Don Mazzella about the end of the Cuba Embargo, the State of the Union and Small Business in America today. It was a real pleasure. I’m fully in favor of ending the Cuban Embargo. Clearly if it ever was effective, it’s become counter-effective now. While the US can’t yet be accused of having a murderous regime like the Castros, it has lost much of its moral high ground with its non-stop drift towards collectivism. Who are we trying to kid? Besides, I’m ready for Christmas in Havana. As far as small business in America today, it’s never been harder to start and succeed at this daunting challenge. But there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. The corporate life just has never been for me. Make sure you sign up for the next Liberty Mastermind Webinar with David Morgan giving his precious metals 2015 forecast. Not to be missed.

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