Andrew Hoffman – Will The Dow Ever Go Down Again?

from Financial Survival Network

Yet another Manipulation Monday with Andrew Hoffman. Listen to Andy discuss:

  • FOMC meetingL
  • Laughable FOMC statement sets new Central bank credibility lows
  • Euro challenges “whatever it takes” July 2012 low!
  • Gold up sharply in countless currencies – including Francs
  • Ruble gold way above all-time high; rupee gold and others, on average
  • 2014 ends with record demand
  • Oil at $54-$55/bbl
  • Greek snap elections favor Syriza
  • Cratering U.S. economic data
  • Dollar surges above 10-year range, causing massive currency plunges the world round
  • Incredible to see the level of PM manipulation and stock support around the FOMC meeting
  • Gold capped at $1,200 35 times last week, and twice already today
  • Silver global supply will be up no more than 2% or so in 2014 – and set to plunge
  • Crashing commodity currencies the world round will have horrific consequences
  • Horrible holiday season likely to be far worse than last year’s post-2008 crisis lows
  • Retail armageddon in 2015, especially as more sales online
  • Euro collapse?

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