Andrew Hoffman – Will The Swiss Lead The World Back To Sanity?

from Financial Survival Network

Time for yet another Manipulation Monday with our good friend, Andrew Hoffman. Listen in as Andy discusses:

  • Swiss referendum
  • The impact of falling oil prices, collapsing currencies, and expanding currency wars
  • Pitiful U.S. economy, as characterized by negative reports in construction spending, durable goods orders, factory orders, and today’s industrial production
  • The largest ever gap between rigged financial markets and horrific economic data
  • 2000 level valuations, sentiment and leverage, in both the U.S. and Europe, amidst worst economy of our lifetimes
  • MASSIVE Japan GDP miss, printing this morning at -1.6%, versus expectation of +2.2%
  • Largest Chinese bad debt increase in a decade
  • Euro 3Q GDP print of just 0.2% on Friday
  • G-20 boondoggle, attacks on Putin – who made Russia’s largest gold purchases ever last month
  • Record PM backwardization, surging silver open interest ahead of next Monday’s Dec COMEX options expiration, rising premiums, record demand
  • Mining companies feeling incredible pain at current prices
  • First Majestic holding back production, Silvercorp hinting at cutting production, IAG cutting staff, earnings beyond miserable as year-end reserve calculations, capex budgets, and production plans loom
  • So much more!

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