Andrew Hoffman – Swiss Time Bomb Ticking Away

from Financial Survival Network

It time for another Manipulation Monday with Andrew Hoffman. Listen to Andy discuss:

  • Swiss referendum
  • Scotland, Catalonia, Venice
  • Germany against QE, as Draghi pushes it forward
  • ECB vs. SNB
  • Last week’s ECB comment that it is considering buying gold
  • Dutch repatriation announcement
  • Euro/Franc peg broken, per the “final currency war.”
  • Anti-gold propaganda off the charts
  • PHYSICAL PM markets on fire
  • Most negative GOFO rates since 1999
  • Record 1H Indian silver imports
  • Elevated premiums still
  • Massive mining industry capex cuts
  • Chinese gold imports likely will exceed 2013’s
  • Massive global money printing
  • China surprise market with rate cut
  • Fears that this week’s Euro inflation numbers will be too weak
  • U.S. data across the board weak
  • Only a matter of time before Fed QE to Infinity widely understood
  • Much, much more!

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