Andrew Hoffman – QE Gone Wild

from Financial Survival Network

Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman. Listen in to hear Andy & I Discuss:

  • Japan’s insane mega-QE announcement
  • Japan pension funds selling bonds to BOJ to buy stocks
  • Final Currency War
  • Friday morning, U.S. warns ECB of devaluing Euro too much
  • This Thursday ECB meeting
  • Collapsing PIIGS bonds, particularly Greece
  • FOMC Statement
  • Pure, unmitigated BS in pretending labor market strong
  • Not actually ending QE
  • U.S. economy weakening dramatically
  • Swiss Gold Referendum
  • Major reason for PM attacks this month
  • All time propaganda campaign as well
  • RECORD physical demand!
  • U.S. Mint 5.8 million silver eagle sales in October
  • Royal Canadian Mint also on pace to exceed 2013’s record levels
  • Major COMEX withdrawals of gold/silver

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