Andrew Hoffman – Has The Great Unravelling Begun

from Financial Survival Network

Andrew Hoffman was back for another Manipulation Monday get-together. List in as we discuss:

  • Third Chinese “backdoor QE” announcement.
  • Heightened chatter of increased BOJ stock purchases.
  • European stocks plunging.
  • EU manufacturing, industrial production, sentiment plummeting.
  • U.S. retail sales.
  • Last week’s market carnage.
  • Vast majority of stocks in bear markets.
  • Volatility surging.
  • Dollar index not “strong”.
  • Biggest one-day percentage drop in Treasury history.
  • Commodities continue to crash.
  • Fed desperate to maintain calm.
  • Six Fed governors hinted at “QE and/or ZIRP to Infinity”.
  • PM fundamentals never stronger.
  • Much, much more.

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