Reid M. Hart – Can a Grand Jury Really Indict a Ham Sandwich?

from Financial Survival Network

Reid M. Hart is an experienced attorney practicing criminal law in Florida, and the answer to the abused cliche is yes, a grand jury could indict a ham sandwich, and that’s no baloney. However, recently in a much publicized case, one chose not to. Two Brown University football players were accused of sexual assault and the case was presented to a grand jury, which surprise of all surprises, declined to indict. However, they were still booted out of Brown University with no due process.

We also talked about the abuses that routinely take place by the police in the speed trap capitol of the United States, Waldo Florida. Recent disclosures have proven that this town is little more than a ticket mill, where thousands of drivers are wrongly nailed for speeding each year. The State’s known about it for decades but chose to do nothing, until now.

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