Andrew Hoffman – Surprise! Central Banks Are CME’s Best Customers

from Financial Survival Network

It’s time for another Manipulation Monday with Andrew Hoffman. Listen in as Andy speaks about:

  • Global economic collapse
  • European recession
  • France in outright collapse, Italy triple-dip recession, Spanish banks as insolvent as is Portugal
  • Japan’s massive economic data negative revisions this weekend
  • China housing bubble burst accelerates
  • ECB rate cuts and $1 trillion QE announced, starting October
  • NFP jobs: 142,000 vs. expected 230,000, and 0 manufacturing jobs
  • 35 year low labor participation rate
  • New meme of U.S. QE ending and Japan/Europe accelerating, thus creating a “strong dollar”
  • Bombshell that CME boasting “governments” and “central banks” as customers, and offering volume discounts to them for overnight PM futures “trading”

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