Andrew Hoffman – Is The Big Bottom Finally In?

from Financial Survival Network

Time for another Manipulation Monday with Andrew Hoffman. Listen to Andy discuss:

  • Bottom calls by Russell, Sinclair, Polny, Nenner, Weir
  • MacGuire expects first signs of PM derivatives break-up by year-end
  • JPM lowest silver short position since it took over Bear Stearns’ toxic position in 2008
  • Lowest PM sentiment since 2002
  • Prices way below production costs
  • Last week’s “Cartel suicide” article
  • Economic, geopolitical strains exploding worldwide
  • Ongoing global currency crash – NOT “dollar strength” back in full force
  • Rates plunging in West due to manipulation
  • Historic anti-U.S. sentiment, especially with its roles in Ukraine, Iraq/Syria, etc.
  • Unprecedented market manipulation
  • Last week’s “headline that says it all” article about the BOJ admitting to buying record amounts of Japanese stocks
  • Damning Carmen Segarra whistleblower tapes -re: Fed/FOMC
  • Desperate PPT, with new Chicago offices, fighting against a stock market that clearly wants to fall
  • Euro QE to start Wednesday
  • Friday’s NFP report – last before mid-term elections

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