Triple Lutz Report #361 – Neo-Luddites Take On Uber And AirBNB

from Financial Survival Network

Uber is banned in Berlin and Hamburg to protect the passengers, sure thing–we’re from the government and we’re here to help. AirBNB is under attack all over the world, probably to protect lodgers from bedbugs, if you believe the government. You can’t stop progress and you can’t stop the Internet.

And Mish Shedlock isn’t too happy with Warren the hypocrite Buffet. He’s financing the inversion merger of Burger King and Canada’s Tim Hortons, which will see yet another treasonous American corporation escape the taxman, but with rates at 40 percent, who can blame them?

And then there’s Karl Denninger’s take on colleges, isn’t it time that they stop getting all manner of legal preference, especially when it comes to student debt that never goes away? We agree.

There’s a quiet revolution that’s picking up steam around the globe. The elites would like to pretend that everything is normal and nothing is happening, but we know better. Just read the headlines on FSN.

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